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Ripples and Marbelisers

Our high quality ripples add that extra exciting and delicious taste to your Gelato


Apple Pie -  with pieces of shortbread and apple (2993)

Blackcurrant - cassis (1258)

Bon Bon Roche - with pieces of hazelnut, wafer and biscuit like the classic chocolate (1146)

Bon Bon Coconut (1656)

+ Bueno -  very similar to the famous chocolate bar (2918)

Caramel (1102)

Chocolate Orange (2126)

Chocolate White -  galatella, a rich white chocolate sauce (2119)

Cioccowafer -  nut rock, chocolate with pieces of wafer and nut (2321)

Coffee Break (1883)

Cookies - scottish cookies (2259)

Creme Royale - chocolate trifle (2990)

Dolce De Latte (2320C)

Fruits of the Forest - packed full of wild mixed berries (1131C)

Frolla - biscuit pieces, a great accompiament with cheesecake (246)

Gianduiella - chocolate and hazelnut (1829)

Give Me Five - a mix of five cereals in a chocolate sauce (1232)

Goloso - the famous spreadable smooth chocolate and hazelnut (2743)

Grande Gatsby - a gluten free chocoate, hazelnut and biscuit pieces (2374)

Hazelnut Premium (2831)

Lemon Meringue Pie - with pieces of meringue, biscuit and a yummy lemon (2365)

Lemon Tahiti - lemon and lime (2767C)

Meringue (1828)

Mint Torrino (2832)

Nougat - grand torrone (2329)

Oronero (2868)

Panettone (2995C)

Passion Fruit - maracuja (2652C)

Pistacchio with pieces (2739)

Profiteroles (2065)

Raspberry (1041C)

Rum and Raisin -  malaga, with raisin pieces (9956)

Sour Cherry - megamarena, extra intense cherry ripple (1986C

Speculoos - belgian cinnamon biscuit pieces (2985)

Strawberry - a rich marbeliser with real fruit pieces (1664C)

Superstraciatella - the classic chocolate ripple (1988)

Tiramisu (2262)

Tres Leche (2897)

Trozitos - wafers and chocolate (2967)

Toffee (2966)

White Fig (2777)










Some of our ripples come as part of a set but if listed on here can be bought separately.