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Flavour Pastes for Sorbets

All these pastes can be used to make a delicious sorbet 


Apricot (918C)

Banana (737AC)

Blackberry (926AC)

Blueberry (925AC)

Cherry (919C)

Sour Cherry - amarena (306C)

Coconut (371)

Fruits of the Forest - mixed berries (1135AC)

Green Apple (830AC)

Kiwi (712AC)

Lemon 40 (1770)

Lemon Acid 40 (1771)

Mango (700)

Melon (376AC)

Mulberry (6057)

Orange (1023C)

Papaya (1236)

Passion Fruit (701AC)

Pineapple (920AC)

Raspberry (1674)

Strawberry (1081AC)

Strawberry Milk (2839AC)

Strawberry Sorbet Top (2867C)

Strawberry Wild Forest (2894)

Tropical (2127C)



All of these products are suitable for vegans and are low in fat.