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The Chocolate Range

Pastes and powdered chocolate products for use with ice cream.


Milk Chocolate Paste 2 x 3.5kg (2059)

White Chocolate Paste 2 x 3.5kg (1145)

Cacao Del Gelatiere 4 x 2.5kg (4001)  blend of finest quality cocoa with bodied taste and very dark colour, with 22-24% cocoa butter.

Cacao Cortes 4 x 2.5kg (1029) a ready made product, just add milk!

Pronto Chocolate Black Edition 12 x 1.6kg (2677)





These products can be rippled or layered over your ice cream, they can also be used in ice cream desserts and pastries


Crema Galatella Extra -  white chocolate spread 2 x 3.5kg (2886)

Crema Gianduiella Extra - milk chocolate spread 2 x 3.5kg (2793)

Crema Extra Bitter - dark chocolate spread 2 x 3.5kg (2965)

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